Climate Story Labs

Climate communication is more critical than ever before: we need the best storytelling to achieve its full potential and reach the audiences that matter. Born of this conviction, the Climate Story Labs catalyze the most compelling media projects being made right now toward big impact.

This series of interventions launched as radical collaboration, combining the creative and campaigning expertise of Exposure Labs and Doc Society with the best of the Good Pitch Impact Labs and a laser determination to accelerate climate communication. Now, the Climate Story Labs model is being adapted by cultural organizers all around the world.

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"As an academic, many gatherings I attend are very self-serving and individualistically drawn. This event did an amazzzing job of bringing together diverse and passionate change agents. There was a collaborative aura born from our shared goal of trying to save the planet. I felt supported and renewed hope in our chances of turning this tide."

Sarra Tekola, Academic

“It was a total revelation to experience the generosity of spirit and climate of mutual support that you and the participants fostered throughout last week's lab. Nothing like that exists in publishing. I will be attempting to take those lessons into my world of books and use the example you set.”

Nicola Davies, British Author

Founding Partners & Supporters
David and Linda