Climate Story Labs

Jordan 2022

The first storytelling for climate: “Storytelling for Climate / Jordan” took place in Amman, Jordan, on July 22nd 2022, as part of the Industry Days of the Amman International Film Festival.

Purpose / Goal

Independent filmmakers will be coming together with environmental activists, organisations, and community leaders to listen to each other’s perspectives, needs and collectively brainstorm alliances and partnerships that can harness the power of film to change hearts, minds, and policies around environmental and climate issues in Jordan.

A total of 62 participants came together among which were: filmmakers, producers, journalists, environmental activists & experts and associations working in the environment sector.

What happened?

The gathering included panels, presentations, film pitches and impact case studies;

A presentation about water and climate change in Jordan, “Water crisis is a Climate crisis”, kicked the day off followed by three participating films presentations.

First film, “Concrete Land” by Asmahan Bkerat followed by a discussion and Q&A.

Second, "The Common Land” by Firas Taybeh followed by a discussion and Q&A.

Third, “Nafass” by Dima Dabis followed by a discussion and Q&A

The last participating film presentation, “Harvest Moon” by Rama Ayasrah followed by a discussion and Q&A.

The panel topic, "Adapting to the Water Crisis in Jordan", followed by a discussion and Q&A.

The case studies shared were; from Kenya “Thank you for the Rain” by Julia Dahr & “Costa Brava” from Lebanon by Monia Akl.

Roundtable discussions around challenges and solutions in Advocacy related to Water and health, Water and Agriculture, Water and development.

Projects Shared


by Deema Dabis is a documentary that explores the hidden nutritious spice mix in Samneh Baladieh (clarified butter with herbs) in Jordan. Through the cultural protectors we meet, we will learn about people, indigenous wisdoms, changes in landscape, and how traditions and ecologies are being brought back to life.

Harvest Moon

by Rama Ayasra.

Two social activists and two farmers struggle against urbanisation and governmental policies to achieve needed food sovereignty in Jordan. We follow their quest during a full growing season, where they are unveiling a magical harvesting world bringing wheat cultivation and its lost heritage back to its original homeland.

Concrete Land

by Asmahan Bkerat.

An intimate portrait of a Bedouin family of three generations, in its struggle to hold on to its traditional life under the pressures of urbanisation. Their only wish is to stay together, with their loyal yet eccentric pet sheep, Badrya, firmly by their side.

The Common Land

by Firas Al Taybeh.

After a long absence, Saleh returns to his father’s farm to sell it. But the land is still part of the Common land where he has shares with other villagers who took advantage to rearrange the borders. To stop them, Saleh has 50 days to oppose the new deal.

Emergent Themes

The main theme revolved around water and environmental problems in Jordan, and its effects on health, Agriculture and development. An environmentalist said that what they’ve been doing in terms of awareness hasn’t been hitting the spot and that these kinds of collaborations can have a bigger impact.

Taking Action

These conversations should continue and it should use both sides’ expertise to affect policy and awareness on the environmental topics.