Climate Story Labs

The question we ask in every Climate Story Lab is:

What are the stories we need right now, here, in this place?

In an attempt to answer this question, we bring together multiple stakeholders from the climate sector in an open room, to identify new climate narratives that are needed in a given region. For the participants to share their intelligence to ensure these narratives reach their intended audiences. To create community and connections between civil society organisations working on climate communications.

Why do we need to talk about climate storytelling

  • We are in a climate emergency, and impactful climate communication is more critical than ever before
  • We need every great story about the climate to reach its full creative potential, both representing and connecting with diverse audiences.
  • This begins by challenging ourselves to move past the mono culture of past climate narratives and to identify and amplify a biodiversity of stories as diverse as the ecosystem we seek to save
  • We want to offer up the Climate Story Lab as a convening model — whether in person or virtual — and the content of each lab as ideas to be iterated and adapted to suit your context
  • Our goal is to inspire both storytellers and cultural organisers — from museum curators to college professors to festival programmers — to facilitate necessary climate narrative conversations within their own communities that will inspire citizens, engage politicians, and mobilise communities.
  • The model is yours to take, use, and evolve. We will keep updating this toolbox with new content and insights from our peers around the globe.

If you do host your own convening inspired by the Climate Story Lab, our only ask is to help us learn by filling out this shareback form.
In solidarity,

Doc Society - Climate Story Unit


Suggested guiding principles for your gathering

Each agenda in every location is going to vary depending on whether you’re planning an afternoon’s conversation with your team or a five day summit.

We hope previous editions organised by our partners in different regions resonate or give you ideas on how you could get started in organising your own Climate Story Lab. Here are a few guiding principles which have underpinned our own meetings thus far:

  • Get intersectional. Ensure the people in the room and those speaking reflect the broad movement we wish to build and the communities we want to engage.
  • Centre climate justice as a guiding principle of all conversations and acknowledge those who have been affected first and most by climate change.
  • Ground the conversation in context by sourcing the latest data on public opinion around climate change, the opportunities and challenges in the local political context, the degree of opposition or disinformation around climate, the state of current climate movements.
  • Challenge ourselves to think about the weaknesses and tropes of climate storytelling.
  • Share media impact case studies to help inspire better strategy around distribution and outreach.

Each agenda in every location is going to vary depending on whether you’re planning an afternoon’s conversation with your team or a five day summit.


At Climate Story Labs, we love looking to the foundation laid by others for inspiration and learnings.

When it comes to using stories for impact, there are many different ways it can look. Here are some films and storytelling projects that we have been drawing great inspiration from:


We love to share case studies from climate-focused films to draw inspiration on different approaches to impact.

We invite you to reflect on some of these case studies  that have made impact through strategic campaigns using a range of different approaches.

Are you ready to organise a Climate Story Lab?

Do you need more information or to meet with us? We would love to hear from you!

We are eager to offer you support that includes access to Doc Society’s knowledge and expertise, resources, global networks, connections and potential partners to organise a meaningful lab in your region.

“The Climate Story Lab was an essential opportunity to get briefed on the current state of climate change communications, who we should be working with and the topics at the forefront of this vital worldwide conversation.”

Alice Quinlan, Impact Producer

“The congregation of us all is not only strategic, but much needed in order for us to feel supported as creatives in a movement that has yet to see the power of our storytelling, we are a force to be reckoned with - together.”

Layel Camargo, storyteller