Climate Story Labs

Land of Many Waters


A mixture of documentary and animation exploring the mystical folklore of the PEMON tribe in Guyana, who have inhabited the pristine lands of the Amazon rainforest bordering Mount Roraima (one of Earth's oldest rock formations) for thousands of years. Deforestation, mining, and forest fires threaten their way of life, but hope still remains. Sharing their ancient stories and perspectives of the future in the face of large scale financial investment and environmental change highlights that preventing cultural and climate related destruction is equally as important as the attempt to reverse it.

  • "An engrossing and thoroughly fantastic film" New York Times

  • "Four well deserved stars for this fascinating movie." The Guardian


Director: Brandon Pestano

Brandon Pestano is a filmmaker of mixed Guyanese and English heritage from Brighton, Sussex. His background is in poetry, which he has performed at the National Portrait Gallery. He has collaborated with BBC Ideas, a perspective shifting informational video series, and his self written and narrated project on 'Fractals' was featured on the BBC Home page. He has worked in the visual media industry for over 4 years assisting with content creation for corporate clients and his first short film 'Time Destroys Itself' made in partnership with C4 Random Acts was exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Animator: Elmaz Ekrem

Elmaz is a 2D animator and film maker from London. Aside from directing and animating short films, Elmaz also has a range of commercials and content to add to her portfolio. Elmaz's film 'The Law of The Sea' has been selected to be part of the Random Acts series in partnership with Channel 4. Elmaz applies traditional 2D animation techniques to various media to create charm and character in her work. Whether it's 2D digital line or paint and paper, Elmaz pairs media and subject matter to enhance story and bring sensitivity to the animation.