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Green and Black


Green and Black (Working title) is an 8 part podcast series made by POC for POC. It is a space to explore our relationships with the planet, the fall out of colonialism and our place in the climate movement. We have 10 years to save the planet. And it’s everyone’s duty to do so. But in the rush to save it, we could be leaving huge numbers of people behind whose voices and connection, or disconnection, to the earth is not being heard and some of the issues communities of colour are dealing with don’t have the space within the climate issue. Isis Thompson, documentary-maker and activist challenges us to consider how we can make this vital activism truly global and inclusive for POC global indigenous voices. Right now, the most visible forms of activism and action are coming from predominantly white, northern hemisphere perspectives and those privileged enough to be able to walk out of their jobs and schools, get themselves arrested and find enough green space to call their own.

  • "An engrossing and thoroughly fantastic film" New York Times

  • "Four well deserved stars for this fascinating movie." The Guardian



Director: Isis Thompson

Isis Thompson is an award-winning documentary maker working in film and audio. She has produced work for Ch4, BBC Radio 4 Audible and is currently a consultant on the Mothers of Invention Podcast. Her work aims to treat the heaviest stories with a lightness of touch.


Executive Producer: Shanida Scotland

Shanida is an award-winning commissioning editor and executive producer, working within documentary film, podcasts and audio. Her work spans Asst. Multimedia Editor at The Guardian. Prior, Shanida was part of the BBC STORYVILLE team. Shanida developed and produces AFTERWORDS, an audio series that puts the ideas of great writers in dialogue with contemporary writers, academics and activists, for Falling Tree Productions and BBC Radio 4.


Sound Designer: Axel Kacoutié

Axel Kacoutié is a multi-award winning Sound Artist and Musician who's been working on his craft for nearly a decade. His work can be found on Channel 4's Random Acts and Radio 4 and Radio 3. He’s also the Guardian's theme song composer and sound designer for their daily news podcast, Today in Focus.